Richard Andreoli

Author • Editor • Screenwriter

Photo: Michelle Shiers

And if you call within the next 5 minutes...

While working in editorial, Richard discovered he had a knack for marketing. 

He wrote movie poster copy for the firms Art Machine and Trailer Park, wrote and produced travel videos for Lexus, created publicity kits for Paramount Pictures, developed the summaries and log lines for all of the Star Trek series and movies with Paramount Domestic Television, and wrote greeting cards for Nobleworks.

While at Here Media, Richard worked alongside the sales team to build marketing programs for high-end advertisers. These native advertising campaigns included robust editorial, video, and social media content that both engaged readers and met the client’s marketing initiatives.  He worked with Mattel, AT&T, Skyy Spirits, Braun CruZer, Virgin Mobile, Macy's, Listerine, and Gilead Pharmaceuticals, just to name a few.  

That success continues at, where he and his team manage the entire advertising program -- from conceptualizing editorial to creating, distributing, and A/B testing ads across multiple media sources.

Some project examples can be seen below.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

At Here Media, Richard worked with the sales teams to create unique editorial and video content that met client initiatives and was interesting to site visitors. The samples below show some of the content produced.

Posters and Press Kits

Breaking down on-set interviews into press kits for the media, and crafting copy for movie posters and marketing campaigns were fun jobs for a pop-culture nerd. For the After Dark Horrorfest, in particular, Richard created their tag-line "8 Films to Die For."


Current Testimonials

Now at, Richard's team helps medium-sized businesses find their voice and generate sales. Here are two guys who love the work they've done.