Richard Andreoli

Author • Editor • Screenwriter


Richard's professional career began in the entertainment industry. Garnering experience both on set and in corporate offices, he quickly moved into script development where he worked on projects with companies like MTV, HBO, Miramax, and Warner Bros.. In his personal life, he also produced a standup comedy show and some live theater. 

This landed him a staff writing job on the nighttime soap opera Fashion House, which starred Bo Derek, Morgan Fairchild and Taylor Kinney.

That project was followed by another writing position on American Heiress, starring AnnaLynne McCord, Joe Manganiello, Robert Buckley and Alicia Leigh Willis.

Fashion House marked the launch of MyNetworkTV, a television network/syndication service owned by 21st Century Fox. Richard created extensive web content for the network, including beauty tips and "confessionals" for the Fashion House characters, as well as cooking segments for its sister series, Table for Three

Because of these two groundbreaking series, Richard has a big following in Ukraine.